Power to the Poster

Primitive black and white linework drawing of a bar of "Truth" unwrapped on a table in front of a scared, sweating person.


by Martin Rybacki

#fear, #global, #truth


Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Or the truth that has been unwrapped and set on the table in front of you.

Poster via Mut zur Wut

A person is noticeably nervous and even frightened by what reveals itself on the table after the package is opened — the person is frightened so much that he or she almost does not dare to look at it.

My idea deals with the individual and his or her fear and unwillingness to accept personal responsibility for the (often brutal) truth in his or her own life. The opportunity to bear this responsibility reveals itself not only in difficult situations but also in seemingly trivial ones. I believe that avoiding your responsibility for the truth has severe individual and global consequences.

We are citizens who see poster design as an important tool to advocate for a better America: gun control, racial justice, love, and on and on. INFO