Power to the Poster

4 posters that read "Voting Is A Right," "No Human Being Is Illegal," "Free Press Free People," and "Equality/Repect."

Print & Protest

by Fore Design

#equality, #freepress, #immigration, #lgbtqrights, #protest, #science, #votingrights

One of the best, most thoughtful and fully realized projects to come out of 2017. So far.

Project via Fore Design:

Every day in February, we'll be designing posters that you can download, print, and take along to your next friendly neighborhood protest, rally, or march.

This is some incredible graphic design work by Amy Parker and Dan Perrera. Be sure to view the entire series.

We are citizens who see poster design as an important tool to advocate for a better America: gun control, racial justice, love, and on and on. INFO