Power to the Poster

Illustration of a young boy who is trapped behind a red fence with blue barbed wire that looks like an American Flag.

Poster Challenge

by Kent Bellows Mentoring Program

#immigration, #lgbtqrights, #womensrights

The Challenge: Design a poster to make someone else care about an issue that’s important to you.

A project with the Kent Bellows Mentoring Program. Three of their students this semester took on the challenge and created a compelling poster on an issue each found important. 

Violeta, 16, Families Belong Together: It is beyond cruel that families are being torn apart. Families belong together and everyone is human and deserves to live life freely. That is what inspired me to make my first screen printed poster. 

Riley, 18, Bisexuality is Valid: Within the LGBTQ+ community bisexual people can often have issues. People sometimes think that they are pretending or faking their sexuality, and they tell them that they need to pick a side. To be straight or gay. That it doesn’t make sense to be attracted to both masculinity and femininity. In order to address this issue I have created both screen-printed posters and t-shirts with the saying “Bisexuality is Valid” to promote to everyone, bisexual or not, that it is okay to be bisexual. It is valid, and there is nothing wrong with playing for both teams.

Jose, 16 Untitled: Just like men, women should have rights, but it is shocking to learn that things like this are happening on a global scale. This is something that I want to change because women deserve to live with dignity and respect.

Special thanks to KBMP Director Weston Thomson for making this little collaboration happen.

We are citizens who see poster design as an important tool to advocate for a better America: gun control, racial justice, love, and on and on. INFO