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House drawing reads 'Hold the Line' above a red cross says 'Buy Us Time' with a black line in the middle (Surge Capacity)

Hold the Line

by Justin Kemerling

#america, #healthcare, #pandemic

In our great national emergency, healthcare workers are on the front lines. It’s for them we do the right thing, it’s for them we #StayHome.

Why all the fuss? Why can’t we go out? Why do we have to stay home? It’s not all that serious, this coronavirus. Almost all people recover so what’s the big deal?

Well, person who is not taking social distancing very seriously, we stay home because if we don’t we break our healthcare system. Which then means, more people will die. If it is indeed 1.2% of people who die from the virus, you remove the healthcare system’s capacity to treat people who need to breath, that number gets closer to 5% real fast.

We’re not only staying home for our own health, though that’s certainly part of it. We’re staying home to slow the spread because we have no idea whose infected since our own government completely botched coronavirus testing. So in order to not overwhelm the health system with so many patients there needs to be rationing and decisions made on who lives and who dies, we stay home.

For the good of the community, individuals need to step up. Those of us who aren’t essential workers and who do not work in healthcare must hold the line. For all the nurses and doctors out there who are on the frontlines, who are making a tremendous sacrifice for all of us. Some of whom will die and some will be scarred for life. The least we can do is stay home. There will be time to address our past healthcare system failures. But for now, we hold the line, we buy us time, and we #StayHome.

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