Power to the Poster

Grayscale illustration of a young girl breaking a gun in half under the words "Enough Is Enough."

Enough Is Enough

by WePresent

#america, #guncontrol, #march, #politics

We must show our support for the March For Our Lives moment.

Posters via WePresent:

Posters sum up shared messages of anger & frustration but also optimism & hope. More and more at rallies around the world, it’s the posters that stick in the memory. Visuals are able to cut through the noise in a way that words often can’t. In one quick hit they communicate people's passions and beliefs – summing up a shared messages of anger, frustration but also optimism and hope.

Poster above by Henning Wagenbreth. Posters below by Eike König and Kate Moross.

We are citizens who see poster design as an important tool to advocate for a better America: gun control, racial justice, love, and on and on. INFO