Power to the Poster

Black and Latinx immigrants in a colorful illustrated collage of ferns under the words "Undocumented + Unafraid."

Defend DACA

by Ashley Lukashevsky

#action, #diversity, #immigration, #politics, #racialjustice

We must defend the right of our immigrant friends, family members, and neighbors to thrive here.

Posters via Ashley Lukashevsky:

We need to make our reps pass the Dream Act immediately. They work for US. A secure passage of the #dreamact means that young undocumented Americans would finally have a way to attain permanent legal status in the US. Visit dreamacttoolkit.org to find out which lawmakers need to be targeted or if you don't have as much time text to 50409 to send faxes to your representatives via text. Take action for our undocumented community — a community that represents people from many different origins. Stand up for undocumented Latinx! Stand up for undocumented Black folks! Stand up for their parents!

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